Prairie Pooches Rescue is 100% foster based so we can only take in dogs if we have room in foster homes. We are always looking for future foster homes. If you are interested in fostering please send in an application. We will supply all food, supplies, and veterinary care. If your family is only able to have certain sizes or breeds you can make those stipulations. We ask that foster homes allow the pet to be in the home with the family and treat it as one of their own pets. Some training may need to be done with the pet depending on its previous level of training. Please fill out the foster home application and email it to us. We then will have a home visit done once application approved Thank you!

Foster Care Application

Please copy and past the questions into an email and answer to:

Foster parent’s name________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________ City____________________________ Province______ Postal Code___________

Home phone________________ Cell___________________


Please answer each question:

1. Who all lives in your home? Please include ages and occupations.

2. Please list all the pets in your household and any frequent visitors. Include ages, gender, breeds, vaccination, and spay/neuter history.

3. Do you have a fenced yard or secure area outside for a dog? Please explain your outdoor area for the dog.

4. List the kind of dog you are willing to foster. For example size, breeds, ages etc.

5. Describe your current pet(s) temperament so we can find an appropriate match.

6. What kind of training experience do you have with dogs? What kind of training are you willing to work on?

7. Are you willing to help with the home visit/meet and greet if the potential adoptive home is close by?

8. Are you willing to give the dog a few days adjustment time, as it takes a dog several days to weeks to feel comfortable and relax in a new home?

9. Please share any other information about yourself. If you are looking to foster to adopt please also let us know. Then we can try and find a match who you may want to formally adopt

10. Due to liability regulations we do not allow our foster dogs to go to dog parks. Do you agree to not take the foster dog to a public dog park?

We will provide any supplies needed for the dog. Just make us aware what all you will need or already have.