Adoption process

-Only completed applications are reviewed

-A home check/virtual tour will be done prior to adoption approval

-You must be 18 years or older to adopt a dog

-Please take your time and look at your lifestyle. Choose a pet that will best suit your family

-Consider if there are any breed bans or restrictions in your town/city

-We hold the right to refuse any adoption, no reason needed

- We do not offer trial periods. We welcome adopters to have several meets with the dog and to bring the other family members along. Adopting a dog is a 10-20 year commitment and a dog will change over the days/weeks/years to come. Training is a must and should also be looked into before adopting

-We do adopt out of province but you are required to travel to the foster home to meet and pick up the dog. If you ever need to return the dog you are required to transport the dog back into our care again

-We are NOT flying dogs right now

-We do not adopt out littermates together. Please research littermate syndrome. We suggest waiting a year to adopt a second dog. ​
We support pediatric alters as indicated by the CVMA and AVMA. Do not ask us to allow a dog to leave our care without being altered prior. That is against our policy.

( -Search standards of care on this page for the supporting document)


***Your current pets MUST be spayed/neutered and UTD on vaccinations to adopt one of our rescue animals***


Please COPY and PASTE the application below into an email and send to

Adopter’s Name(s): _________________________________________ Email:__________________________ Mailing Address: ________________

Physical Address: ____________________ City: __________________ Prov:__________ Postal:_____________________
Phone: (#1)_____________________ (#2)__________________________

Which pet are you interested in or specify what kind of pet you are looking for?

Living Accommodations: House/Condo/Apartment? (rent or owned) MUST provide letter from landlord if rent:

If you rent, do you have a back up plan if you have to move last minute and cannot find pet friendly housing?

Do you have any other pets in the house or yard? List Specie, Breed, Age, Sex (Spayed/Neutered), and last vaccination dates.

List of persons in the household (including yourself)- Name: Age: Occupation:

Have you ever owned a dog before? If so what happened to the dog?

Have you ever surrendered a pet to the SPCA/shelter/rescue or rehomed a pet? If yes why?

The following questions are to determine the right fit for you:

Why do you want to adopt a pet?

What experience do you have with the particular pet/breed?

Is everyone in the household 100% committed to caring for the new pet?

On average, how many hours per day are you away from home?

Do you work away? How long?

Do you have someone who will look after your pets when you are gone on vacation or extended periods of time?

Will your pet be inside or outside?

Do you have a designated area for the pet to stay while you are out of the house? explain:

Do you own a crate/kennel for the dog? Do you plan to kennel train?

Where will your pet sleep at night?

Do you have a fence or fenced area for your pet, if so how tall and what material?

What kind of activities would you like to do with your pet?

Are you interested in taking training for you and your pet?

Have you looked into local trainers yet? If so, who.

Do you already have a regular Veterinarian? Provide contact information. If you do not please contact one prior to adopting and provide the contact information.

Are there any breed bans or restrictions to your town/city? Any condo size restrictions?

Does anyone in the household have any allergies to animals?

How long are you willing to give the dog to adjust to its new life in your home?

What would the dog have to do for you to return it to Prairie Pooches Rescue?

If the dog has any behavioural issues in the home are you prepared to consult with a trainer before returning the dog to the rescue? Please explain:

What are your thoughts on dog parks? Do you plan to take your new dog to a dog park?

Please share how you plan to integrate the dog to any children or grandchildren in the family or that may be added to the family. If there are troubles, how will you deal with this?

How do you plan to socialize your new dog/puppy?

Please provide two references. Only one can be a family member


Years Known:

Phone Numbers:


Years Known:

Phone Numbers:

Do you agree to return the animal into Prairie Pooches Rescue’s care if no longer able to care for it?

Do you agree to take the animal to the vet for annual vaccinations and exam?

Do you agree to license the animal with your town/city?

Are you prepared to care for this animal for the next 10-15+ years it may live?

Are you prepared to deal with shedding and/or grooming it may require?

Do you agree and understand that ALL dogs including puppies are altered before leaving our care?

Please read the following articles for information on how to integrate a new dog into the home. Adopting a dog is exciting for us humans but is very stressful for our canine companions. To be fair to the dogs, we have to give them the appropriate decompressions and adjustment time.

Have you read these articles??

How do you plan to decompress the dog??

Other questions or comments:

Please ensure you have completed ALL the application questions as incomplete applications will not be accepted. If you need suggestions for trainers please ask as we have references for ones who specialize in rescue dogs and puppies :)