About us

Prairie Pooches Rescue has been a registered not for profit since 2011 and a registered charity since 2018. It is run completely by volunteers who devote their spare time into helping save and foster the animals in their care.

Mission Statement- To rescue stray, abandoned, or abused animals who will be provided with veterinary care, food, and shelter and then place into loving foster homes until permanent adoptive families are found.

Vision Statement- Is that the pet population will meet a number where euthanasia in no longer needed and all pets will live in loving forever homes.


1. To rescue stray, abandoned, abused, or surrendered animals, for the benefit of the public, by operating a foster home based rescue to care for the animals until adoptive families are found.

2. To promote the welfare of animals in our care by ensuring each animal receives veterinary care, sterilization, vaccinations, and microchips before being adopted.

3. To promote the welfare of animals for the benefit of the public by supporting responsible pet ownership.